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What About Free Website Builder Sites?

Not all web developers are created equally

We've all seen the commercials for GoDaddy, or Wix. They promise a simple, yet professional site that anyone can create in under an hour. What they don't tell you is that it is just not that simple, and any additional functionality or pages will cost extra. Oh, an email you say, well that will also be extra. With all of that being said, these types of sites do have a purpose.

So Who Are These Sites Good For?

A small company that only needs a basic web presence, like an online business card, and already have an email account, like GMail, Yahoo, etc. Budget also plays a big part in choosing these types of options. The initial quote of a professional web developer can seem like a huge investment, especially with the free options blaring constantly all over the television and radio. But if you need anything more robust than a simple placeholder site, you will be forced to pay. Then once you realize that it is not working for your business, moving your site away from these providers is nearly impossible. The code for these pages are generally written in a proprietary language that does not translate well to more mainstream languages.

What Are the Alternatives?

Find a good web developer who will work with you to design a customized site, that fits your company and your budget. Most good web designers will work with you and are eager to build a relationship. Call us today, if we cannot help you, we will help you find a viable solution.