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Commercial Photography Services

products1With over three decades of photography experience, Clark Reeh is our primary photographer and Director of Commercial Photography.  Clark is a Colorado native with an eye for detail and passion for art. His photography experience reaches back to the film days where he honed his skills as a wedding photographer and landscape hunter. Clark's talent for creating a very unique look from very ordinary subjects created a natural evolution to product photography.

Clark specializes in:

  • Affordable yet professional services geared specifically for business
  • Headshots for all marketing media including Social Media and printed brochures
  • Specializing in Architectural, Food and Product photography
  • Product and conceptual photography to enhance your image to the public
  • Affordable Real Estate MLS and Insurance Property File Photos
  • Industrial and patent photography with a secure login proofing system
  • Enjoy a brief sampling of Clark's work ...

Photography Packages are available at your location or shooting in our Brighton, Colorado studio. Call 720-384-6465 to schedule a free consultation or for more package details.
Standard Rate: ....... $125/hr

Product Photography

Food PhotographyFood photography
From food prepared and shot for a menu, cookbook or advertisement, we will work with you to create something mouthwatering that will evoke hunger and desire for your dish. We can help to create the perfect setting and background to accentuate the shot for maximum response.
If you are planning your new menus or cookbook layout, please contact our Photography Department to schedule a free initial consult.

Patent Photography
We shoot your product in its best light to show all key elements and functionalities. Vivid, accurate color, sharpness and setting is key to a successful patent shot.

Patent photography is unique to all other product sessions, and we understand the sensitive nature of the work and security involved. We approach each Patent Photography project on a "work for hire basis" with all rights remaining to the client. Our photographers will sign a non-disclosure agreement as requested by client.

Before you put your patent package together, please contact our Photography Department to schedule a free initial consult.

interiors1Real Estate Photography Packages

Basic Insurance & MLS File Photo Packages
We understand the urgency of getting the property shot and the images to the client as soon as possible. And while many insurance and real estate professionals will shoot their own properties with their phones or point and shoot cameras, the timing is not always that easy. Our rates are affordable and our service is fast, but more importantly, our eye for detail is just what you need.  
As low as $8 per address (click for more details).

Real Estate Brochure/Virtual Tour Photography Services
Affordable Insurance & MLS File PhotosStudies have shown that professional photography directly correlates to more showings and a higher final sale price. We understand the value of lighting and angles to accentuate a room's size and warmth. Similarly to food photography, making the viewer feel like they could live in the room is the ultimate goal for any real estate photography session.

We work with the Realtor to plan the shots based on what we what the home buyer to feel from each room. Sessions can be shot as a work for hire or royalty free basis, depending on budgetary boundaries and need.

Full interiors and exterior shots including up to 20 high resolutions professionally staged images saved to CD in several formats with rights.
Starting as low as $500.00 per address

Residential Communities & Rental Property Managers
The standard Community Photography Package includes exteriors, common areas, amenities and per room of the "model" units. 

Pricing starts as low as $250 per property

Rental Units are priced per address and include the front and back yard views, all rooms and any special amenities (view, hot tub, pool, etc.).

Pricing as low as $125 per address. Discounts available for multiple address with 5 miles of each other.

Call today for a free consultation and scheduling.