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10 steps to website development (simplified)

Your website plugs you into a global community or your neighborhood, the option is yours.Creating a successful website can be overwhelming. The same goes for updating or improving your existing website. It can feel like a huge undertaking, you may feel like you don’t even know where to start.

The good news; with a little fore-thought, research and planning, creating a website can actually be a very manageable and enjoyable process.

Just like starting a 5000 piece puzzle, separating similar elements and taking it one piece at a time can simplify everything.

Let's break apart the process and ask a few questions to help you get a clearer vision of what you really want and/or need. Sometimes what you want, may not actually be what you need, only answering the following questions will help you choose the best path for your new site.

New Client Worksheet

Use this worksheet to organize your content, priorities and expectations for your website. The information below will be sent to The R&R Visioneers as well as a copy to the email address you provide. If you are still collecting your information (take a look through the form below before you begin), you can also download the PDF version of this form [CLICK HERE].  For best results, save the PDF before you try to print it 

Your Domain

Type of Business

The Market

Building the Site

Building the Partnership for Success

I am willing to spend money to draw traffic?
I have a Google Analytics account
I have access to my Hosting account
I am willing to build content that will attract my kind of client
I am willing to provide updates and content
I understand that my website's success relies on my participation for its growth
Is your content ready?
Do you need photography?