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What Are the Visioneers?

R&R Visioneers A Creative Services graphic design toolsR & R Visioneers is a creative services company.

We call ourselves "Visioneers" because we see possibilities and opportunities for small businesses that many do not. We take the time to understand each client's needs. We work with them as partners to their success.  Merely seeing your vision is not enough, we help translate it into vivid imagery that illustrates who you are and what you offer, to the world.

R & R Visioneers will accompany you on your journey to growth, whether that is simply to enjoy a hobby business that you've always wanted to do, or create that empire and flourish as a entrepreneur. We lend support, consultation and creative thinking that allows you to go beyond the confines of small business startups.

Our core services include:

  • Commercial Photography
  • Drone Services
  • Web Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Small Business & DIY Support Services
  • Branding & Design Services

Who Are the Visioneers?

Clark Reeh
Clark is a professional Commercial Photographer specializing in product, patent, real estate, MLS & insurance file photos, and drone photography. Clark draws on his experience as a photographer "back in the film days" for a deeper understanding of composition, lighting and post-production. He has worked in the construction, apartment maintenance industries as well as retail, and that affords him a unique view of product and patent photography, as well as knowledge of residential imaging and marketing.

Learn more about Clark's work and schedule a consultation at

Martine Reeh
Martine's background is firmly based in art, with over 25 years of working as a professional graphic and web designer, she was a pioneer in the local web design scene. Martine is a natural entrepreneur, creating and managing several successful companies including a local non-profit organization that for over eight years provided treatment funds for uninsured breast cancer patents. The foundation raised over $500,000 and help more than 35 women completely pay off their medical debt. Martine's marketing skills have been forged over the years learning certain keys to success, but just as importantly "what did not work".

Learn more about Martine and schedule a consultation at

Both Clark and Martine share the simple philosophy for small business success: Do the best you can do, for a fair price, and treat every client like they are a VIP. When we help a company grow and succeed, we all grow and succeed, together. We are all about building long-term relationships with our clients, they can count on us to do our best for them, every single project.